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Jeanne and Liz


Liz and Jeanne are co-owners of Weigh To Go! Nutrition Services.   Both are dietitians and share a love of great food.  The business first started in 2006 after many family members and friends were asking nutrition and cooking related questions.  We discovered that there is a lot of misinformation about food and nutrition out there and our goal was to help people understand the science or evidenced based nutrition that we promote.  Originally we did this in a traditional setting in an office but we quickly learned that it was much easier to teach healthy eating habits in the kitchen.  At that point we began teaching adult education classes, providing in home cooking parties, doing corporate food demonstrations and renting kitchen space to host our own cooking classes.

 A little about Liz:

I am a register dietitian with a specialty in digestive health. The best part of my job is helping people, talking about food and cooking! When we started Weigh To Go, my cooking skills were average at most. Working with Jeanne, I quickly developed a love for being in the kitchen. I understand the challenges of learning new techniques and enjoy helping teach others to feel confident behind a cutting board. 

 A little about Jeanne:

I am registered dietitian as well as a certified diabetic educator.  I love to cook and play with ingredients to come up with delicious and healthy (most of the time) recipes.  I enjoy working with local food suppliers and food artisans and sharing what I learn from them with our clients.  I think it is important to support our local economy and our local environment.  We do that daily at home and we incorporate local seasonal food into all of our cooking classes and demonstrations.


One thought on : About Us

  • Catherine Burns
    January 7, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    I just came across your website via the Yelp ad for your January class. I am a senior and live in South Boston, and do not like to go out at night, so would not be able to take your evening classes. However, I am interested in the possibilities you might offer. I’m not a fan of cooking, but my husband and are are facing health issues we want to address as much as possible through diet and exercise rather than medication: elevated blood pressure and cholesterol. Not being comfortable in the kitchen, I do struggle with what to cook, and have in the past relied on too many processed foods. I do read labels and try to use more fresh fruits and vegetables and items lower in sugars and salt, and less red meat recipes. But my soups tend to be tasteless, I rely too much on pasta and breads and casseroles that feed us for two or three dinners! I’m wondering if you would consider some cooking sessions on a Saturday or week day morning or afternoon, and perhaps geared toward seniors or people needing help cooking for one or two, and wanting to avoid the health issues I mentioned, through diet. Recipes are helpful, but seeing a demonstration is so much more useful for me. Thank you for your consideration.

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