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22 March, 2015

Jeanne’s Boston Baked Beans

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 You can really make this dish your own.  Add the beans you like, the meat you like, make it vegetarian, cut the recipe in half, whatever works for your family.  This is a real crowd pleaser.  My babies all the way to my parents love this dish.  It’s very inexpensive but packs in a lot of nutrition with the dried beans and molasses and it holds up great in the freezer.  I like to freeze the baked beans in mason jars and take them out as we need them.  

I use as many different types of beans as I have in my pantry.  In the picture there are cranberry beans that are local farm Freedom Food Farm and I love using Rancho Gordo beans when I have them.  But, usually the bulk of the beans are from the grocery store.  Just make sure you buy them from a market with good turnover so they are fresher.  True Boston baked beans are just one bean and it’s usually a small bean such as a navy bean – but cooking is not staying true to a recipe it’s about cooking what you and your family likes to eat.

Hope you enjoy my recipe!  Leave comments and tell me how you made it your own.


2 pounds dried beans – I use a variety such navy, cranberry, Lima etc

2 large onions diced

2/3 cup molasses

1/2 cup brown sugar

3-6 tbsp of Dijon mustard (you can also substitute mustard powder)

Pork:  salt pork, meaty ham bone, bacon a combination or skip this to make them vegetarian.

Water (amount varies)

Mix everything in a Dutch oven or large covered casserole or slow cooker.  You can use unsoaked or soaked beans.  If unsoaked add more water and expect the cooking time to increase.  I usually cover everything with an inch of water.  Watch the liquid level and add more as it cooks if needed. Cook at 250 degrees until the beans are soft it takes hours or simmer in the slow cooker.  I think of it as an all day recipe but it’s easy and makes the house smell great.  This is a huge amount but it freezes very well.

We serve this at breakfast with eggs or lunch/dinner with fish.

*Dried beans increase in volume 3x’s so make sure you use a big enough Dutch oven.

This is my favorite thing to make after having a ham.  The ham bone adds a really great flavor.

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