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12 December, 2014

Keep The Doctor Away Fruit Salad

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This recipe will not really keep the doctor away but it does come with a hefty dose of vitamins and antioxidants. Liz and I like to serve this fruit salad for brunch or in little cups for dessert. As dietitians we like to recommend that our clients bring a healthy option to parties and get togethers. It is nice for you to have a low calorie food to eat and most guests enjoy having a healthy option on the table. We hope you enjoy this healthy treat!

Keep The Doctor Away Fruit Salad

4 oranges
1 Pomegranate

1) Section the oranges
2) Remove the seeds from the pomegranate
3) Toss together and enjoy

To section an orange I slice off the top and bottom creating two flat surfaces. I then run my knife under the pith exposing the pulp.

Once all of the pitch is removed cut next to each of the membranes releasing the pulp in an attractive wedge.

I have not found a fast way to remove the seeds from a pomegranate. Does anyone have tips that they like to use?



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  • October 16, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    In my family we would put the pgrnomaeate seeds in a glass jar and cover with honey and let them sit in the fridge for a few weeks and them mingle. Then we would add the infused honey to tea. And when we’d get sick we’d take a big spoonful of both seeds and the honey and steep it with hot water with a tea strainer and pop the seeds with a spoon. Toss what’s in the strainer and drink the warm pgrnomaeate honey water help soothe sore throats.

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