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Weigh To Go’s cooking classes were so fun and Jeanne and Liz were awesome instructors.  I’ve wanted to IMG_1591learn how to cook healthy meals, that actually have flavor and this class was perfect!! The class was hands-on and focused on making a healthy, delicious, every day meal.  I also learned some great cooking tips that I can use every day.  Everything we made was delicious!

The class was a laid back, fun atmosphere (with wine!). It would be great to attend with friends or with a significant other. I highly recommend it and will definitely be attending more classes!

Heather N.  11/26/14

Great class taught by extremely knowledgeable, fun and kind instructors.  If you are looking for some new healthy cooking ideas, this is the place to go.  They have great recipes that you can learn for everyday cooking and ideas for how to make your food last (didn’t realize how much I end up wasting!)

We all participated in the cooking in small groups and there was plenty of wine to enjoy while we cooked.  We had one-on-one help from the instructors and some tips on how to properly cut vegetables and the right vs wrong way to prepare different things.

When everything was finished we ate the delicious meal in a very cool urban kitchen setting.  Overall it made for a really amazing Friday night!!

Jeanne and Liz are excellent and I’m definitely coming back as well as recommending this class to friends!

IMG_1589Sarah D 12/1/14

I really liked everything!! I liked how you had munchies at the beginning and WINE! I thought the demo was better for people because they knew exactly what to do and how to cut up the veggies and cook it. I also liked how you incorporated the local shops. The food was delicious (and healthy!)! It was a fun night out, either with friends or as a couples thing.

I liked the social aspect. I liked that I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I definitely left having learned some new skillz. Yes, I spelled that with a “z.”

I loved the collaborative spirit in the room! And being able to play around in a commercial kitchen was very fun.

Great cook tips/ demo’s Awesome delicious recipes that were not over complicatedIMG_0255

The food was delicious, I liked how knowledge Jeanne was and learning from her during her demos. For as simple as cutting bread and as complicated as taking a turkey’s temperature. I also liked how organized you were with ingredients laid out, recipes to take home. It was clear you planned a lot.

Thanks. I really enjoyed the class. We’d definitely do it again!

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